French Beauty + Skincare Souvenirs

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I was lucky enough to spend the summer at at a friend’s apartment in Paris (thanks, Meg!)I conducted some personal research on what was on the market in terms of French health, lifestyle, and beauty products. Here are my favorite beauty souvenirs to buy in France.

French Beauty Souvenirs - tonics, skincare, “secret” remedies.

Homeoplasmine is one of my favorite beauty souvenirs at only 3 Euros a tube.

Homeoplasmine is one of my favorite beauty souvenirs at only 3 Euros a tube.

Homeoplasmine - I'm obsessed with this multipurpose salve. It’s on many “makeup artist’s favorite item to stock up on in Paris” lists. It’s like Vaseline with homeopathic ingredients that reduce inflammation and help heal small wounds without scarring. It's the best for lips, dry cuticles, and scratches. Great for adding shine to your face so you can contour with light. I also love it for that glossy look on eyelids, my favorite way to do an evening eye is to smudge some pigment up from the lashline and then dab Homeoplasmine onto the center of my eyelid. You can also use it as the top layer of your skincare regimen overnight to seal in the effects of whatever serum or cream you're using. 

Biafine Cream - Great multipurpose cream. I use it more for my body than my face on dry spots or for overall moisture. It smells light and green, like the OG Aesop. Gwyneth Paltrow is also a fan.

Delarom Oxygenating Balancing Aroma - I love this stuff. I was turned on to it by an employee at Pharmacie des Archives. It's a bit more expensive than some of the other brands in the Pharmacie, but it's all natural and IMO worth it. 

Way cheaper in France than in the USA.

Way cheaper in France than in the USA.

Caudalie Mask Creme Hydratant - This is a great moisturizing face mask, and Caudalie is way cheaper in France than it is in the states. This mask feels so nourishing.

Avene Eau Thermale - Gotta love a fancy fine water mist. Avene products are great for people with sensitive skin, eczema or psoriasis.  Want a vacation on your vacation? Go to the Evian thermal spa in Geneva, the natural spring water has cured psoriasis and excema, even in severe cases.

Micellar Water - might not qualify as a deep cleanse, but it does the job quickly, and without residue. I like this one by Bioderma. 

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse - smells like summertime and makes your skin look alive. I don't think many women over the age of 18 use the gold shimmer version. I, however, love vulgarities.

Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre is an excellent makeup primer.

Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre is an excellent makeup primer.

Embryolisse is considered a "cult classic," and a favorite of makeup artists, because it’s a great moisturizing primer. It leaves your skin with a velvety finish that is unlike anything else I've tried. I sometimes wear it alone. 

Vegetal, beautifying herbal teas & "Tisanes"

You can buy a variety of “tisanes,” made with natural ingredients for beauty that you don't see in the same way as in the US (yes we have Kylie Jenner's solution to a full colon) but these are herbal and actually lovely solutions for things like slimming, reducing sugar cravings, etc. Look for words like “drainant” to release water weight and bloating, with ingredients such as artichoke (artichaud) fennel (fenouil) and “extrait de vigne rouge” if that's what you're into. I got them at my fave pharmacie: Pharmacie des Archives. This is one of the most delicious teas I've ever had. The same company sells a "melange drainant" too.


The Secret Pharmacists don’t want you know about are….

Tonics made by local pharmacies

Many don’t know that most pharmacies in France produce their own herbal tonics aimed at different things such as improved circulation, releasing water retention and bloating. These tonics are a closely guarded secret! You might have to ask the Pharmacist multiple times in order for them to share; often they will keep the tonics behind the counter. They are consumed either upon waking or before bed, with water.

I had two, one was for circulation with vigne rouge which I would add to a glass of water in the morning. The other was made with artichoke which helped counteract my eager consumption of cheap, beautiful wine and salty charcuterie…Keep an eye out for words like “drainant” if you’re looking for the slimming/water releasing formulas.

Do you have any favorite beauty products or items you stock up on when you're in France?