Beauty Souvenirs from Germany


  1. Skin Food - My number one souvenir because this stuff is amazing. It’s all in the name. And I love the green metal tube it comes in.

  2. Weleda Rose spray deodorant - Love this stuff, it’s natural (no aluminum or other toxic ingredients—because your armpits are so porous!) it does the trick and it smells amazing.

  3. Lavera pH balancing cleanser you can buy at the grocery store. It’s good!

  4. Annemarie Borlind (I love her natural foundation compact, I get it at Rote Lippen Kosmetiks)

  5. Dr Hauschka Revitalizing Hair and Scalp Tonic - This oil is incredible. Worth the splurge, I think.

  6. Magnesium Tablets - They’re so cheap at the grocery, I get them and keep some in my purse for when I’m traveling. They make the seat feel more comfortable on a plane!

  7. OmniBiotic 10 - Super strong probiotics they sell in packets! These things cured me when I got food poisoning from some coconut yogurt gone wrong! (My mistake)

  8. Kneipp Enzympeeling puder - You have to ask behind the counter of an Apotheke for this. It’s not prescription but it’s pretty strong. Put a little bit of powder in your hand and add some water to it. Then rub it on your face like a mask and rub in and rinse after a few minutes. It’s not like a serious chemical peel but the name translates to “Enzyme Peeling Powder” so be forewarned.

Photo by   @yusufevli

Photo by @yusufevli